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Posted 8 Oct 2014 in Surgery

Southern Cross Brightside are the winners of a competition to create an entertaining, educational-style safety video, with a focus on reducing perioperative harm. The competition was run by the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Open for better care campaign (and in partnership with First, Do No Harm in the Northern region).

Entrants were encouraged to highlight the importance of the World Health Organization surgical safety checklist, demonstrate how to use the checklist and excite and motivate viewers to use the checklist.

As well as the winning entry from Brightside called ‘The Brightside of safety’, videos were also submitted by Capital & Coast, Waitemata and Lakes district health boards. Second place went to Capital & Coast for their entry called ‘The A team’.

The judges were impressed with the calibre of entries – all of which can be viewed on the Open website.

Lisette Ingram, theatre educator at Brightside, talks about the process of creating their entry.

We began by reviewing the Australian & New Zealand surgical safety checklist and coming up with a concept for our video. The team were so enthusiastic in the first session, we ended up with a concept, as well as some of the key shots and punchlines we wanted in the video.


We felt it was really important to balance making something genuinely entertaining while maintaining accuracy, and not confusing the message.


It took approximately 40 hours (outside work time of course!) to come up with the final product, including filming, checking for accuracy, recording voiceovers and editing.


When we started this project I had no idea so many of the Brightside team would be willing to give up sleep-ins (we filmed every Tuesday at 6am) and a Saturday to be a part of the fun! It has been a wonderful bonding experience, and we now have a stronger knowledge of the checklist and we're a closer team as a result.


We are very grateful to Paula Murray the Manager at Southern Cross Brightside for her support of this entry and for the talents of Dave Duffin, who edited for us when we reached the limit of our skills.


There was a lot of jumping up and down and hugging at Brightside when the team learnt we had won!


Watch all of the competition entries by clicking the link below.

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