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Posted 30 Jun 2016 in Open for better care

The national patient safety campaign formally came to an end on 30 June 2016 but we all remain Open for better care! The Health Quality & Safety Commission would like to thank everyone involved in the campaign for your dedication and enthusiasm. The campaign has only been achievable due to your efforts.

June was the final month of the Open campaign, concluding with the clinical leadership for quality and safety topic. The response to our workshops for emerging clinical leaders has been heartening – more than 280 clinical leaders have attended workshops around the country. Quality improvement initiatives to develop and spread locally and regionally, and ideas to stay connected have emerged from these workshops.

Of course, this national patient safety campaign has examples of sustained initiatives from every campaign topic. Since the launch of the campaign in May 2013, simple interventions to reduce harm in specific areas have been highlighted, be it falls, infections, safe surgery or medication safety.

Promoting a quality improvement and patient safety culture is central to the work we do every day. Patient Safety Week is also now firmly in the calendar as an annual national event as we continue to work together to raise the profile of this important work for the health and disability system.

The legacy of the campaign does not stop there: while the campaign formally ends, the programme focus on these areas continues and the many resources and tools developed throughout the campaign will still be available. The Open brand will not retire as it captures what we have been aiming to achieve together and how we will continue to work with you all. In fact, our Open Forum: International Speaker Series, and Open Books are just two examples of how this concept will continue.

Once again, we thank you for your support of the Open for better care campaign!