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Campaign aims and goals 

The campaign had an overarching goal:

To inform and mobilise the New Zealand population to ensure safety and quality improvement in health care by preventing harm, avoiding waste and getting better value from resources.

The campaign also promoted a number of generic principles, ie, the need to:

  • increase patient involvement in care and quality improvement approaches
  • increase capability within the health and disability workforce (and consumers) to ensure quality improvement becomes business as usual
  • support and encourage respect and teamwork
  • inform and mobilise the population to assist in preventing harm
  • promote sharing of good practice
  • support and encourage good communication.

This was broken down into quantifiable aims for each of the priority areas (see page 10 in the campaign charter).

The campaign worked to achieve its aim and generic principles by promoting and increasing awareness of the work of the four work programmes: falls, healthcare associated infections, perioperative harm (surgery) and medication safety.

For each topic the campaign promoted and supported the implementation of key, evidence-based interventions that were known to make a difference (as chosen by the programme area’s experts and advisory groups).

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