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Posted 18 Dec 2014 in Open for better care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is pleased to announce that it will be revisiting reducing harm from falls as the fifth topic of the Open for better care campaign from April to September 2015.

As well as a continuing focus on falls in hospital and aged residential care, the focus will be on older people receiving care in the home/community setting.

A strong evidence base will continue to inform best practice for risk assessment, individualised care planning, safe mobilising (and making the environment safe), balance and strength exercises and medicines review.

We will connect with other agencies such as Accident Compensation Corporation and the Ministry of Health, who are also focusing on falls in older people, and will continue to link with and build on the good work already in place across the sector.

The Commission is planning future campaign topics to be run from October 2015–June 2016. The topics will be chosen from pressure injuries, deteriorating patient and medicine reconciliation.

More information will be available on the Open for better care website in the New Year: