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Resource in Medication updated 4 Mar 2015

In this webinar held on 28 January 2015 Chris Walsh (Director of Consumer Engagement, Commission) and Leanne Te Karu (Pharmacist Prescriber and member of the Commission’s Te Roopu group) were joined by Chris Baty, President of Diabetes NZ and Judith Lunny, consumer representative to discuss:

  • how providers can work together with patients and whanau to reduce harm from high-risk medicines
  • how clinicians can work more effectively with Māori
  • health literacy and other strategies patients can use to reduce harm from high-risk medicines

Please note that the videos used have not translated into the webinar recording and you will experience silence in parts. The links to these videos are below – please use these in tandem with the webinar recording. The subsequent discussions and commentary are on the webinar recording. 

Listen to the recording by clicking the link below.