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Heparin, insulin, warfarin and oral methotrexate are all high-risk medicines. Used incorrectly, they can cause serious harm to patients.

Complete this quick quiz to test your knowledge and go into the draw to win a morning tea for your team worth $100. Closing date for your entry is 30 April 2015. 

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Heparin comes in a range of strengths, from 10 units per mL to 25,000 units per mL. True or false?
You should store unusual strengths of heparin with other medicines so they can be easily accessed. True or false?
Insulin doses should be documented as:
Who is usually the expert in managing their insulin?
How often is oral methotrexate usually taken?
What are the two methotrexate tablet strengths available?
What should you do if you see oral methotrexate prescribed, dispensed, administered or taken daily?
When using warfarin, which interactions can affect the INR? (you can choose more than one)