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What makes a good clinical leader? Where is patient harm occurring, and what can we do about it? How do we lead change within a complex system? These are just some of the questions that will be tackled in the final Open for better care campaign topic, focusing on clinical leadership for quality and safety.

The leadership-related skills, abilities and knowledge an individual has are key to influencing and championing an environment that prioritises quality care and patient safety. As well as having these skills, leaders must also be able to bring others along with them, and successfully introduce change in a complex health environment.

There will be seven workshops taking place around New Zealand to introduce participants to the tools and skills to develop their own clinical leadership.

The workshops have been specifically created for the Open campaign and will be held between March and July 2016. They are free of charge to district health board (DHB) participants. Each will be tailored to the local context and include data specific to the region.

Participants will receive a comprehensive workbook, have access to online information and be encouraged to take part in further clinical leadership and improvement project learning opportunities. They will also be invited to join an emerging leaders’ clinical leadership network. More information about the modules is available here:

As part of other activity for topic six, we will promote examples of where clinical leadership has really made a difference to the Commission’s work. We’ll also highlight examples of innovative practice by DHBs and private providers, to encourage the spread of these initiatives.

More information about the clinical leadership for quality and safety topic can be found here:

For further information about the modules go to: