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Posted 13 Dec 2013 in Healthcare Associated Infections

Don’t miss Surgical Site Infection Programme Clinical Lead Dr Arthur Morris, orthopaedic surgeon Mr Kelly Vince, Northland District Health Board (DHB), and others presenting and answering questions on Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis on Wednesday 29 January from 4.30-5.30pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear these clinicians discuss different aspects of surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis and to ask questions on any aspect of this topic.

The presentation will include:

  1. an introduction by Kelly Vince on the surgeon’s role in ensuring optimal surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis
  2. a four minute film on Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis featuring:
    • the five rights of Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis
    • Mr Tony Hardy, Clinical Director of Orthopaedics, Auckland DHB
    • Dr Maria Mackintosh, anaesthetist, Auckland DHB
  1. a discussion on preferred choice of antimicrobial prophylaxis with Arthur Morris, including the management of patients with beta lactam allergies and MRSA colonisation
  2. a presentation on ensuring consistent adherence to optimal timing of perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis, with advice on weight-based dosing and other issues
  3. a panel discussion on the impacts of local epidemiology on surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis and individual prophylaxis issues.

Presenters will also answer questions from the audience, which can be emailed in prior (send your questions to by 22 January 2014) or you can put them to the presenters during the webinar.

How to take part

Webinars are easy! All you need is access to a computer connected to the internet, a telephone and to pre-register.

Send an email to asking to take part and you will be sent a registration link. Completing registration will result in the webinar access information being put in your calendar. On the day, click on the link, complete the log-in and you’re in! You’ll be able to hear and see the presentation and take part in the discussion.

Lisa can also help you to test your systems and give you advice on how the webinar will work, to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day. If you want this assistance, please ask.