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Resource in Patient Safety Week updated 6 Oct 2015

Patient Safety Week 2015 runs from 1 to 7 November 2015. The theme for this year is Let’s talk and the focus is consumer engagement and communication.

Orders for the resources have closed but you can view, download or print all available resources, using the links at the bottom of the page.

For further information please contact the Open for better care team:



 PSW 2015 Patient Safety Card

Patient safety card

Making your stay with us safer
A4 patient safety card for consumers, to be placed by each hospital bed

Read more about the idea behind the patient safety card

PSW 2015 Patient Safety Video

Making your stay with us safer 
Video for consumers, to explain patient safety card

View it here

 PSW 2015 Patient Safety Card Poster


Welcome aboard...
A3 poster promoting the patient safety card for consumers

 PSW 2015 Patient Safety Card Introduction  
Introduction flyer
Introducing the new patient safety card
A4 flyer explaining patient safety card for consumers
PSW 2015 Hello my name is stickers

Hello, my name, Kia ora, my name is, Talofa lava, my name is and blank my name is (to write your own greeting)

Read more about the idea behind the stickers

 PSW 2015 Preparing to leave hospital

Discharge sheet
Preparing to leave hospital
A4 discharge sheet for consumers

 PSW 2015 Communicating well  
Information sheet
Communicating well with patients
A4 sheet for health professionals
 PSW 2015 Communicating well cartoon  
Cartoon poster
How well do you communicate? 
A3 poster for health professionals to highlight clear communication
 PSW 2015 Health Literacy A5 booklet  
Information booklet
Three steps to better health literacy

A5 booklet for health professionals
 PSW 2015 Cardboard cutout
Cardboard cut-out

Life size cardboard cut-out (orders closed)
 PSW 2015 Who's who and what do they do?  
Activity sheet
Who’s who and what do they do? 
A4 activity sheet for consumers – match the title of the health professional with their role
 PSW 2015 Let s PLAN for consumers
Let’s PLAN for better care
A4 pad (50 sheets per pad) for consumers
 PSW 2015 Let s Plan Pharmacy poster

Let’s PLAN: pharmacy poster
A3 poster for consumers
PSW 2015 Advanced Care Planning Poster

Advance care planning
A3 poster for consumers

PSW 2015 Advance Care Planning DL DL brochure
Advance care planning: Preparing for end of life
DL brochure for consumers
PSW 2015 Advanced care planning pen Pen
Advance care planning
Flag pen for health professionals and consumers (orders closed – no more available)