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Posted 4 Oct 2012 in Open for better care

Thank you for your interest in the National Patient Safety Campaign. Please let us know by return email if you have a particular interest in one, some or all of the four focus areas of the campaign (reducing harm from: health care associated infections, surgery, medication and falls) and we will subscribe you to receive information specific to your area of interest.

It was great having the opportunity to engage with some of you at the APAC Forum recently and hear your thoughts on patient safety. A number of people also visited the campaign website where we posted live updates of photos and videos from key speakers and attendees.

In the development of the campaign, the Commission is committed to ensuring alignment with other regional activities, such as those taking place under the Northern Region’s First, Do No Harm campaign. We are working with First, Do No Harm – look out for a joint communication from both campaigns in the near future.

The patient safety campaign will be launched in early 2013. In October and November we are focusing on gathering feedback and input from the sector and ensuring alignment with current activities.

Another focus will be on developing the campaign name and branding. Thank you to those who made suggestions to us at APAC. We are taking on board your comments in the development of the campaign, and are aiming to have a confirmed name and branding by the end of November.

Congratulations goes to the winner of our Smith & Caughey’s gift hamper from the APAC Forum – Michelle Wise of the University of Auckland.

We look forward to engaging with you further about this exciting new initiative. Please feel free to forward this email to others who wish to register to receive information about the campaign and have input into its development. They can register by emailing

Best wishes

Health Quality & Safety Commission Campaign Team