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Posted 30 Apr 2015 in Open for better care

Six health care workers from the medical wards of Tauranga Hospital attended a hand hygiene study day within the hospital. The purpose was to brainstorm hand hygiene barriers and to develop initiatives for creating additional awareness of the five moments for hand hygiene. The target group for this initial project was health care and allied workers across the medical wards.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies that each year hundreds of millions of patients globally are affected by health care associated infections. Therefore, the five moments have emerged from WHO guidelines, defining the key moments for hand sanitisation. Consequently, understanding the moments is crucial for implementing effective infection control.

With guidance from a nurse educator and infection control nurse specialist, plus creative input from the Bay of Plenty District Health Board communications team, several initiatives were hatched, including a variety of wall signs to place by gel and glove stations promoting gel use, a sign suspended from a ceiling, and hands for medication folder fronts. These are intended to act as prompts and gentle reminders about hand hygiene.

The initiatives were launched across the medical wards on 12 November and were presented by staff, to staff, at a ward in-service session. Working in partnership with the five moments is the acronym FLO (front line ownership), which translates as: own your actions.

Overall, the day was a success, with staff and patients taking a keen interest in the topic and some patients even prompted to monitor their health care provider’s hand hygiene practice.

BOP hand hygiene team Apr 2015

From left, Registered Nurse Ward 2B Kirsten Godfery, Registered Nurse Ward 2A Kaupapa Gesi Sisson, HCA Ward 2C Rachelle Smith, Registered Nurse Ward 2B Paddy Ashton, Registered Nurse Ward 2A Kaupapa Kara Ngamoki and Registered Nurse Ward 2C Ann Ward.

BOP hand hygiene gel Apr 2015

Signs by gel stations provide a gentle reminder about hand hygiene.