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Posted 23 Oct 2013 in Open for better care

Tuesday 8 October saw the travelling Open booth arrive next to Fuel Café at Wellington Hospital, to promote the new national patient safety campaign Open for better care.

The booth was hosted by the Health Quality & Safety Commission and a roster of 12 Capital & Coast District Health Board (DHB) staff, who were there to answer questions, and hand out quiz entries and resources including Fuel coffee vouchers for completing a short patient safety quiz.

The booth was well-attended by a great cross section of staff with 300 vouchers towards Fuel coffee given out at the booth.

Special thanks to our dedicated staff for donating their time to support the booth, and also to Sunny at Fuel, who was a fantastic promoter for the event and supported the team on the day, a future Apprentice winner there!

Dr Colina McKeown

Dr Colina McKeown, winner of the $100 voucher for Capitol Restaurant.

We received 220 quiz responses, which all went in to a prize draw for a $100 Capitol Restaurant voucher, for the first correctly-answered quiz drawn from the box.

We’re very pleased to announce that the voucher goes to Colina McKeown, paediatric senior house officer. Well done Colina!