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Posted 23 Jul 2014 in Patient Safety Week

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is excited to introduce Patient Safety Week – to be held this year from Monday 3 to Sunday 9 November 2014.

The week is intended to create focus, energy and momentum, and raise awareness of the importance of patient safety through a concentrated burst of activities over five days.

There will be three complementary focuses for Patient Safety Week 2014:

  • Dr Jim Bagian – US expert in human factors in patient safety
  • Let’s PLAN for better care – a health literacy initiative for primary care settings
  • celebrating Open for better care (and the Open/First, Do No Harm partnership in the Northern region) in secondary care, and continuing to raise awareness of the importance of providing safe, quality care.
Dr Jim Bagian

There is not much that human factors specialist Dr Jim Bagian hasn’t done! He can list among his qualifications and achievements: astronaut, anaesthetist, engineer, mountaineer, snow-and-ice rescue techniques instructor, freefall parachutist, and pilot of propeller and jet aircraft, helicopters and gliders. He is currently Director of the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety at the University of Michigan.

Dr Bagian will be delivering Leadership for Patient Safety workshops in Auckland (3 Nov), Wellington (5 Nov) and Dunedin (7 Nov). On Tuesday 4 Nov in Auckland, Dr Bagian will be holding an invitation-only session on reducing perioperative harm.

A celebration of the Open and Open/First, Do No Harm campaigns and launch of Let’s PLAN will take place at the end of each workshop. These will be run in partnership with the regional campaign group in each area and the Commission’s campaign team will be in touch to discuss logistics.

A full programme for Dr Bagian’s visit is currently being developed and information about how to book your place will be circulated in August.

Let's PLAN for better care

A health literacy initiative with a focus on primary care – Let’s PLAN for better care – will be launched in Patient Safety Week.

Let’s PLAN focuses on supporting patients to feel comfortable asking their health provider questions – including all their treatment options, and the option of having no treatment – and to become more knowledgeable about their health care.

After doing a scan of New Zealand and overseas approaches, a decision was made to develop a health literacy approach tailored for a New Zealand audience and the Let’s PLAN approach was developed and is currently being tested.

PLAN stands for:
Prepare for your visit
Let your health professional know any relevant information
Ask questions
Note down what you need to do next

This approach has been tested initially with the Commission’s Leadership Interest Group (comprised of consumers and clinicians), our consumer network, and focus groups of Maori, Pacific, Asian and European consumers.

A second stage of testing will take place in August 2014 with Hawke’s Bay PHO and West Fono in Auckland.

Let’s PLAN for better care will focus mainly on primary care in the first instance, with a view to extending into secondary care in the future.

The Commission is working closely with general practice national networks during planning and implementation of this initiative, as well as with PHOs and GP practices. 

Celebrating the patient safety campaigns and raising awareness about patient safety

We will be working with our regional campaign groups on how to best mark Patient Safety Week in secondary care. Watch this space!

For more information

A newsletter, containing the latest on Patient Safety Week and how you can get involved, will be circulated regularly. We also have an interactive Patient Safety Week website under development onto which you will be able to load photos, videos and articles about your Patient Safety Week activities, and which will have Patient Safety Week updates.