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Posted 5 Sep 2014 in Medication

An update about upcoming activity for the medication safety focus of the Open for better care campaign from October 2014–March 2015.

Medication Safety Forum

The Medication Safety Forum on 16 October 2014 is an opportunity to hear about the current and future directions and innovations in medication safety, and launch the fourth topic for the Commission’s Open for better care national patient safety campaign. We are delighted with the level of interest in attending the forum, with registrations currently over-subscribed. However, we do encourage those keen to attend to register their interest on our wait-list. A flyer for the conference and wait-list registrations can be accessed on our website.

A final programme will be available soon and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Campaign focus: Reducing harm from high-risk medicines

From October 2014–April 2015 the Open for better care campaign focus will be on reducing harm from high-risk medicines and raising awareness of the topic and challenges/opportunities across the sector. This is an opportunity for all clinicians to engage in reducing harm and error, join in webinars and share ideas and innovations. A suite of ‘one step’ interventions/activities will be provided.

Here’s how we’ll be organising each month during the campaign focus. We will be challenging the sector to take ‘one step’ to reduce harm from high-risk medicines each month.

Month Focus
 October Case for change – what the issues are 
November  Identify and mitigate – learn from errors
December and January  Partner with consumers and whanau – insights into health literacy and patient-centred care
February  Prevent – reduce the risk of errors
March  Safe use of opioids – learn from the collaborative

For an update on the Commission's safe use of opioids collaborative visit the Health Quality & Safety Commission website.