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Posted 12 Feb 2015 in Medication

Past event

Interested in human factors, systems change and learning from root cause analysis to help you prevent harm and errors from high-risk medicines?

Register for our webinar on Friday 27 February and find out more about:

  • root cause analysis
  • human factors and how understanding these can help prevent errors and harm
  • error prevention strategies and the most effective methods for system change to prevent errors and harm.

Gillian Bohm will be joined by Sandy Blake, Karen O’Keefe and Beth Loe to discuss medication-related adverse event case studies. Be prepared to think about the why, not the who, behind the adverse event and learn how this can be used to prevent the same event happening again.

How can you take part?

Webinars can be easy! All you need is access to a computer that can connect to the Internet, a telephone (or the ability to hear and speak through your computer) and to pre-register.

Send an email to asking to take part and you will be sent a calendar invite. On the day, click on the link in the invite and you will be able to join.

Download the flyer here.