Posted 5th Nov 2015

I had the pleasure this afternoon of attending a session on the Southland Surgical Ward run by Linda Beebe.

Linda has taken it upon herself with the help of Jan Tait, Surgical Ward Educator, to run a series of sessions each day this week focusing on the “Let’s talk” campaign.

Linda welcomes the team with a 'chatter platter' each day and presents a short session on communication. Linda has even developed a video involving surgical ward staff that discusses the importance of communication, which she is more than happy to share.

This is an example of an outstanding effort made by one of our Surgical Ward RNs, we should be very proud that we have people of this calibre caring for our patients!

Joanne McLeod, Acute Care Nurse Manager, Southland Hospital

Pictured below:
Linda presenting at a daily education session and a 'chatter platter' to get everyone involved!